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Jul 22, 2009

Cheat Bot HighStreet5

Do you looking cheat bot HighStreet5 ? With cheat HighStreet5 bot , you can add couple mode, you will able to show off your insane key tapping skills to the other guy pretending to be your girlfriend in game and ability to disable the bot when necessary. How to use cheat HighStreet5 bot :
  1. Launch HS5 (MY), go to the login screen and minimize it.
  2. Launch CE, target Launch.exe
  3. Search for 'Array of Bytes', make sure Hex is ticked. Value to search for is '00 00 bc 41 00 00 a0 41 00 00 b0 41 0c 01 00'.
  4. You will get 1 result, add this to your address list.
  5. Copy the Address value (like '1CF6A5CC' for example) of the the AOB
    you found.
  6. Run Freestyler. Press Start and paste this address value in there and
    hit ok. Remember, if Freestyler crashes on load YOU NEED TO INSTALL THE .NET FRAMEWORK.
  7. Login and play the game. If you dont trust me, you can also perform
    steps 1-6 after you have logged in. Either way will work.

    Remember : For non HS5 MY players, the original copy has a window title check to ensure that the active window title is 'HighStreet 5'. If yours is different, please edit launch.ini and change it to 'HighStreet 5'. If you don't want to do any editing, download the appropriate version above.

    download HighStreet5 bot

    thx rizvanrp

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Jun 23, 2009

Multi Login Idol Street Cheats

If you use multi login idol street cheats, you can use one computer. How to use multi login idol street bug :1. open your character ids 2. press windows at alt + ctrl, click right and choice explore3. find your folder idol street and looking for 5street, launch.exe than press double click4. you see login screen your ids and login again

thx virgoboy

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Jun 8, 2009

Cheat Mala and The Bandit

I see many player idol street looking for cheat mala and the bandit. To use download cheat idol street mala and the bandit, you must have file moonlight engine, to get moonlight engine, you can download at here. Afterthat, you must download game guard and login idolstreet, download gameguard killertar. Then you setting value. Good luck

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Apr 14, 2009

Cheat Bboy Hotstep Idol Street

This cheat bboy hoststep idol street and 5High Street. You can download cheat bboy at here. With cheat bboy idol street , maybe you always win at competition. Also you can see image auto 5high street or idol street at below

thx lolipop79

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